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Recently a new networking group for Pagans in Scotland was set up. I thought this was interesting and decided to join their Facebook group to see what they were about. As I'm one of the admins of the Glasgow Pagans Facebook group and was a member of the Equinox Moot committee until I stood down recently I welcomed the idea of a new network open to all Pagans. I thought that they would be interested in hearing about the other groups and activities that were going on and that they could incorporate this information into the network. After all, their own website states "Whichever path you follow, we value your membership, input and ideas."

Unfortunately I made the grave error of thinking they would be interested in hearing about the Alba Pagan Network which recently held its first group meeting and also the Equinox moot in Glasgow. I thought it odd when the first post I made about the Alba Pagan Network disappeared but put it down to a glitch. So I posted it again. It disappeared again.

I messaged them about the missing posts and they claimed that no posts had been removed and then that there had been an IT problem. They said they were getting in touch with their IT support (on Facebook?).

So I tried a third time. That was then held for approval as the admins had suddenly decided that all posts had to be approved by an admin before being allowed on the group. They eventually came back and asked if I could tell them more about the Alba group as they had not been contacted by them. I did wonder at that as all they had to do was look at the link I had posted and the explanation of what the group was about would have been clear. I told them I was merely passing on information about other groups. I had also posted about the Equinox moot but that post was also held up for approval.

I asked them if there was a problem. I asked them why they had removed the posts and then denied all knowledge of them. I asked them why they were being suspicious. In reply, they claimed there was no "problem", they were looking into it and they would get back to me. In the end my posts were not posted. When I asked if posts were still required to be approved by an admin in a thread which mentioned the "lack of censorship" on the group the group suddenly disappeared.

I asked the two admins where the group went and if there was a problem. Their response seems to have been to block me.

So we seem to have a networking group which doesn't seem to want to actually network with anyone. Very weird.
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