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Today was one of those days which didn't quite work out as planned. Due to not getting where I should have been at the time I should have been there at I found myself with time on my hands. So I went off to Currys to look at washing machines and then, as I was in the white goods section and I have a somewhat misbehaving fridge, I ended up looking at fridges as well.

It was while I was looking at some fridge freezers that I was approached by a strange woman I had spotted earlier and who had drawn my attention as she was talking to herself. She wore a light brown cardigan and had very thin, very messy hair.

She spotted me looking at the fridge freezer and began by saying "Oh they're all in here buying fridges today". That would probably be because we were in that particular section of Currys, but I didn't point that out. Then she started asking me if I was buying a new fridge, I said I was looking at them. So she then asked me if my fridge had broken down and went on to try to ask why I was buying a new one, was it just because I wanted a new one? I didn't really feel the need to explain or even justify why I was doing what I was doing to some random stranger so I just ignored her and walked off. I later saw her sitting on a chair she had found somewhere and which she had placed in the middle of the aisle.

Of course, earlier on I had managed to set off an alarm when I was looking at a Kindle paperwhite. I stood there waiting to explain to the member of staff I expected would arrive shortly that I had simply touched the damn thing but everyone ignored the alarm. I ended up shuffling off rather sheepishly and it was after that I met Fridge Freezer Woman.

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