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I'm doing a 5k today for the Stroke Association today. I'm doing it to raise money for them but I'm also doing it to lay some ghosts. Three years ago I took part in the 5k, a few months after my father died as a result of a stroke and before I realised how needy my mother actually was.

I'm sitting at breakfast in front of the laptop, typing this, just as I was three years ago. A lot has happened in those three years. Someday I will write it all up as I need to do so. But right now I'm still in the middle of processing those events. I think I'm beginning to come out the other side.

Three years ago, during breakfast, I got a call to say that my mother had fallen in the house. I was in Glasgow, committed to taking part in the event, and without my parents' car which would have made it easier for me to return to Saltcoats. On hindsight, maybe I should have dropped everything and gone straight back down. But I felt obliged to take part as people were sponsoring me and I would have felt guilty otherwise. I did feel guilty about taking part but I was in a no win situation , no matter what I did.

Three years on, I'm doing the 5k again. I'm going forward.

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