May. 25th, 2015

rhionnach: (Vulcan on the Bridge)
I think I am going to have to arrange a trip to the doctor at some point. I was trying to avoid having to do so but having been wakened up twice during the night with my left arm both numb and in pain (an interesting combination) I think I will have to see what they do this time around.

When I was 15 I managed to fall off a horse and injured the whole shoulder (plus ribs). As I got back up on the horse shortly afterwards everyone assumed I was not badly injured. In fact I had a few bones broken and the joint capsule injured as well. When I went to the local idiot doctor with it the local idiot doctor behaved like the idiot he was and did not do a lot. Gave me painkillers and a rub for my muscles. I preserved the movement in the shoulder by my own devices by continuing to swim etc after the soreness wore off a bit. I do, however, have an extra joint in my collarbone close to where it joins the sternum and much crunchiness throughout the shoulder joint. I also get swollen veins every so often when the joint decides to pinch the circulation. I've gone to assorted doctors off and on but they all kept fobbing me off, saying the swelling was due to my wearing a watch on that arm or it was all my imagination. Yeah, like I imagined falling off the imaginary horse.

There's certain things i've done on my own to improve it , like seeking out some physiotherapists who believed me and didn't tell me it was my imagination. This latest bout of problems seems to have come about possibly due to me carrying my rucksack with Viking kit in it yesterday. Something has shifted and is acting up. Being wakened up with the nerves numbing up and doing pins and needles was very disconcerting. The muscles were radiating what I can only describe as black pain* as if they were trying to explode from the inside out. A shift of position onto my back sorted it but I can't be guaranteed to sleep on my back or my right side as I do tend to move around in my sleep.

So it looks like I will have to take myself off to the local doctor and hope that they do not treat me like an idiot who doesn't know her own body.

*Yes, the pain had a colour. Interesting.

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