Mar. 19th, 2015

rhionnach: (Vulcan on the Bridge)
An email popped into my inbox last night which surprised me. It was asking about the Yggdrasil moot which used to meet on the last Thursday of the month in Glasgow. It's not met for several years due to falling numbers. I consider it in hibernation rather than having finished as it could easily be revived if interest picked up from the local Heathen population. However, I was under the impression that the word had got out to the relevant places that advertise local moots so when an inquiry came in saying that they had read about the moot in SPIN, the magazine of the Scottish Pagan Federation, I was surprised and more than a bit annoyed.

I was unaware that SPIN was still listing it as I have not seen a copy of it in many years as I am not a member of the SPF. The reason I am not a member of the SPF is due to their insistence that anyone asking to join sign to say that they accept the 3 Principles or 3Ps. This is not something that is demanded of members of the Pagan Federation England & Wales and so I am a member of that organisation. The reason I do not accept the 3Ps is that I do not feel they adequately represent my beliefs as a Heathen and I cannot simply sign up to something which I believe conflicts with that.

I'm a member of the PF England & Wales. I'm a member of that organisation because I feel that it is important to have an organisation which can serve as a point of contact for those seeking a Pagan path and which can represent the needs of Pagans to government bodies and the like. The SPF has done quite a bit for Scottish Pagans in that respect, getting the recognition to conduct legal Pagan marriages for example. However, it seems that certain elements of the SPF only want those Pagans who do not question what the Powers That Be decide upon and who do not question what is going on with the organisation which claims to represent them. Disagree with them at your peril.

I have got to the point with the SPF that I no longer care what they think. They have disenfranchised me and so many other Scottish Pagans with their closed shop mentality. I know as soon as I say anything that they don't like that they will just roll their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and go "la la la".

I commented last night on the Glasgow Pagans group about the inquiry I received and how I felt unable to contact the SPF due to certain barriers which I feel have been put in my way by some. No doubt this will have been seen by some as just me trying to stir things again as their opinion of me is that I am simply a stirrer. But they would do better to ask themselves why I am "stirring it". Why do I not simply walk away and not bother myself trying to get a response from the SPF? Could it be because I do, in fact, see it as an important organisation which has turned its back on an awful lot of the people it is supposed to be representing? Could it be I am trying to get them to take their fingers out of their ears, stop saying "la la la" and LISTEN?

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