Aug. 12th, 2013

rhionnach: (Vulcan on the Bridge)
What a strange series of dreams I had last night. First of all I dreamt that a guy was bringing his wife or girlfriend to a house he shared with several other guys. One of these guys was trying to hide an elephant in the garage and the wife kept wondering why the house was shaking. Then she went into the kitchen and discovered that they didn't actually cook, just kept a drawer full of ready made sandwiches.

Then my dream changed to one in which I was in a 3 bedroom house and had to go to work wearing Viking clothing. I had to nip back upstairs to get something from the main bedroom but, as the stairs didn't quite reach the top,the only way to do this was to climb up onto a shelf above the stairs and swing across onto the landing. I was supposed to carefully go past the 2nd bedroom as dummies had been placed in the beds to deter burglars. However, i went into this bedroom only to discover that the dummies were lying in different positions from the ones they ought to have been in. I went back downstairs to report this and then went back up to find that the dummies were up. They appeared to have been possessed so the only way to deal with this was to attack them with something big and heavy and break them into bits, much to the annoyance of the householder.

Then I dreamed I was going to a convention in Leicester. I was with friends who knew where they were going but I got separated from them when I tried to take a photo on my new (and very large) camera phone. Someone kept getting in the way so it took longer to take the photo. I tried to find my friends but as it was a new phone I didn't seem to have any of their numbers. Typing the location into the map app didn't help as it kept suggesting other places.

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